Ian Somerhalder // (Oct, 2014) XOXO Magazine

Cozying up in my new @REDValentino sweater! I love it!! Thank you again! Baci (x)

Anonymous asked: Same swan queen prompt anon :) my mind is always coming up with ideas but I can't right so that's all the stay as ... Ideas, I can't say if all of them are good or not tho. Are you open to swan queen AU's?

Hello again, friend.

Yes I’m definitely into AU’s. I’m not huge on high school/teacher ones, they get a little creepy for me purely cause being English our high schools go up to 16 not 18 (yet when I imagine college AU’s I always think of Americans so they’re better). And I’m not sure how good I’d be at already established relationships though I’d give it a go if someone wanted that.

I don’t think I’m that great either tbh I struggle with multi chapter fics as I’m bad at plot twists and I never really know how to keep them interesting, I always waffle on about the stuff no one really needs to know and can’t flesh out the good bits but hey ho I enjoy it.

But yeah I mean idk give me any well formed prompt and I can try my best to give you a well formed story. :P

I worked very hard to build a future, a future that’s now gone.